Commercial Electrician

A smoothly running electrical system is one of the primary necessities for a business to function efficiently. This is why your selection of commercial electrical contractors in Sydney may turn out to be the crucial difference between loss and profit.  Whether you own a warehouse, factory, retail store, or restaurant, you need support from a team of highly proficient commercial electricians to run your business in a profitable manner.

The job of a commercial electrical technician demands a higher level of experience and expertise compared to the regular electrical services supplied by a household electrician.

Accordingly, all technicians at East Coast Currents are thoroughly trained in utilising the latest electrical tools and technologies for the success of your projects. We also ensure that our team is updated with the latest developments and information related to the industry.

In order to prevent delays and accidents, it is our utmost priority to execute your project in a timely manner. In order to secure your business and its reputation, we also arrange all documents and approvals required for the job. All necessary site inspection protocols are followed to ensure safety for the entire area.

Over the last few years, our commercial electricians have earned a stellar reputation in this region by delivering several large commercial electrical projects on time and without exceeding the budget. We are extremely sensitive to the disruptive impacts of any electrical work on your regular business operations. This is why our team is always ready to work before or after your working hours, whenever required.

At East Coast Currents, we offer a wide range of commercial electrical services including project design, estimation, and management, embedded networks, data communications, voltage optimisation, energy management, power factor correction, turnkey office fit-outs, lighting solutions, thermal imaging, external and security lighting, installation of safety switches, repair, upgrade, and replacement or switchboards, and much more.

Many commercial establishments is Sydney are now showing an active interest in reducing  waste and conserving the natural resources by going green. East Coast Currents can help you implement these green practices by replacing your older lights and other electrical accessories   by the latest, energy-efficient alternatives. Your business can make further savings by installing motion sensors that are capable of turning the lights off when a room is vacant for a period of time. Please call us today to find out how you can become a part of this environmental revolution to save our planet while making your business more efficient.